The Tombs of the Kings a story about an elderly englishman by StehouwerandRecio

The Tombs of the Kings, a story about an elderly englishman

When I went to visit the tombs of the kings , I met an elderly englishman called Ian.
Ian , a nice distinguished person , who was just , or even more , interested in archaeology as me.
He had a lot of interesting stories to tell , but what amazed me the most was this.
Ian was walking with a stick, dus to some heavy physical problems and I was surprised that he could walk in this rather big site. Anyway , at one point we went down some ancient stairs in one of the tombs. When we were walking there , we see some other stairs, crumbly en going down deeper and deeper into the tombs, and there was no light. So I thought itwas enough.
Ian dindn’t thnk it was enough and was walking down that crumbly stairs into the dark, but he said it was ok, because he had the littlest flashlight I’d ever seen, what a guy!
A brave englishman with a special, rather english looking, hat. Because I was swetting very much (too much for good health) he told me that I could look for such a hat because it cools the head so very good. It’s called a paddy hat, but that it is terribly expensive and special.
Ok, I said to him I’ll search for it on the internet. Well boys and girls , I found the following: a paddy hat is a hat that is used in …..duhuh… Asia (and ofcourse the Philippines) in , the rice fields, which are also called the paddy fields, looking rather different then his hat ofcourse, but the effect is the same. In the Phils we can buy it for a small amount of pesos. If you want to know how it looks: duhuh and duhuh again, I’ve already uploaded a picture with a paddy hat! I must have been the heat….Thanks Ian and I’m sure you’ll laugh so loud if you ever read this story.

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Calling the day off, Chalcolestes sp. ♂ by Jokerf1

I was walking through Avakas gorge in Paphos, Cyprus. It was late afternoon and i was able to see many many dragonflies holding of the plant branches and it seems that they were calling the day off. This was shot on a tripod with the tamron 150-600 from some distance to not disturb the damselfly.

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Tzielefos Venetian / Medieval Bridge, Cyprus by Jokerf1

Kelefos Bridge is an excellent example of a single arch medieval Venetian bridge built between (1489–1571) when copper was mined in Cyprus and traded with Egypt for silk and gold.

The demand of quality trading routes resulted in construction of dozens stone bridges in mountains, used for camel trails connecting distant mines in Troodos Mountains with the islands ports.

Kelefos Bridge spans the Dhiarizos river in the mountains of Paphos. It is located at the borders of Phini, Agios Nicolaos and Pera Vasa close to the Arminou Dam. This one arch stone bridge has 10.70m span and 10.7m width.

Have a nice weekend! Great nature in Cyprus

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Elia Venetian/Medieval Bridge,Cyprus by Jokerf1

Elia Bridge is one of the medieval bridges situated next to Tzielefos and Roudia bridges. The path towards the particular bridge goes dense pine forest, over Arminou dam, past Pera Vasa picnic site, and continues through “Saouris” farm belonging to Kykkos monastery, past the Cave of Saouris, “Mita’s pen and near the vultures” observation point.

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