The luscious Grotto by StefanHefele

“The luscious Grotto” – Azores

There are still locations that are not mentioned in the (German) tourist guides but are definately worth a visit. I was thrown back into the Columbia River Gorge as I entered this green cathedral. Lush, green, mossy and everywhere sounds of nature around me. One of my favourite natural landscapes to take photos beside mountains.

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Wild Paradise by StefanHefele

“Wild Paradise” – Swiss Mountains

On my tours through remote places on our planet I often stumble upon paradisical places that take my breath away. When I think they are worth a great photo, I decide to wait or return when the light and hence the atmosphere is more unique. It was a long hike deep into the Swiss mountains. If you then, however, encounter the paradise, you feel closer to heaven.

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The Light Show by StefanHefele

“The Light Show” – Quiraing

Is this the best known place in Scotland? Probably… But one more reason for me to catch this very unique place in a rather attractive way. Early in the morning, when just a handful people strolled through the area and magic light was in the air, I was blown away from the natural beauty. No wonder, that everyone wants to visit this magical wonderland.

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Scottish Paradise by StefanHefele

“Scottish Paradise”

This is what Scotland is all about. Green lovely hills mixed with rough landscape. Bathed in the first light of a wonderful morning I briefly felt connected to paradise.

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