The Guardian by GiuseppeTorre

A stitch of six vertical shots for this wide picture of London; one of the best sunset ever seen in this city.
I took this photo surrounded by more than 20 other photographer; this is really the most photographed place in the world!
My big regret is to show you here the low resolution version only, from an image large more than 9k pixel.

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Moonrise Over The Hague by Brains11

During this trip to The Hague there was a nice moonrise just above the skyscrapers in the distance. The original moon had a blueish halo around it and the moon was somewhat deformed ( most of the time because of the long exposure) so I edited the moon a bit to make it a smooth fit into the image.

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A Seoul-ful Night by AaronChoiPhoto

Always busy in Seoul 🙂 Rush hour traffic viewed from haneul park in mapo province of Seoul. The view of seongsan bridge and yeouido park with the national assembly in the distance.

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