Headlights on the Roll by aagazzi

Two cars driving over a pass in Switzerland during winter, where snow has like at many other places in the alps not fallen in high quantities yet. I tried to achieve some light trails of cars and liked this one best with white headlights only. The goal was capturing a scene where no interruption is shown in the trails, thus exposure time should be as long as the cars needed from one end of the frame to the other. Hope you like it ūüôā

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Rocking with the Light! by aagazzi

The light in the mountains becomes sometimes truly stunning! And even better, it changes its colors and intensity quite rapidly which allows within little time to shoot different versions – hope you like this one as well, thanks to all!

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Single Trail by aagazzi

Normally at this time of the year this pass in Switzerland would be closed simply because of too much snow. So far in this winter snow has not fallen as usual, but gladly at least some snow is covering the scenery. With a lovely sunset the area became quite appealing in the end. Cheers from Switzerland!

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Colored Pass Road by MircoGugg

Another version of the Maloja Pass Road. 2 shots. One for the sky, and one for the foreground (road, forest, mountain).

Location: Maloja Pass Road, Maloja, Switzerland

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Mono Hidden Light by eyeofalens

Mono Hidden Light

If you look carefully you might see one or two remaining stars.
It as much as I was thrilled to se the sensor pulling out these cloud colors hidden to the the eye in this first morning twilight, I’m not afraid to say I was also pissed at the mentality of other photographers that turned up way after me, in fact I was the first here & had a position sorted , but the ignoramus side of some photographers shows up & just set up shop wherever they feel like without even a blink or common courtesy to ask! Its times like that I feel like using my tripod for other pusposes & reasons why I predominately prefer to shoot solo.Their ignorance forced me change postions without getting into an early morning barney.

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Soft hat by AlfredoCostanzo

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These clouds, witnesses of upper föhn winds, meet the Alps chain, after having crossed the main ridge, drawing fantastic situations

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Sunrise on Assiniboine by manuel_secher

I took this shot just before heading back to the parking lot going through wonder Pass. The 30 km return were absolutely gorgeous but long and difficult.

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