Magical Hoodoos by morganpt

Bryce Canyon is one of those cool places where a dramatic, expansive landscape is just a ten minute walk from the car. Kind of amazing really. For this shot, I was just trying to draw as much color out of the sunset using long exposures and the natural magenta hues of my B+W 10 stop filters.

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8 Hungry Ghosts and 2 Forlorn Trucks by morganpt

While driving along the North Coast in Minnesota, I came along a few photogenic cars. In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d create a series of ghostly selfies to tell the story of these forgotten, cast-away trucks. This is a bit different than other stuff, but I am in the mood to experiment.

For this image, I shot a series of 8 selfies that are each one minute in length, one several minute exposure for the clouds, and added a previous image for the stars. It was just plain fun and the people who were also photographing these trucks thought I was crazy (maybe I am).

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Charm among Chaos by morganpt

On any day, the Atlantic Ocean unleashes all of its energy against the shores of Portland, further defining the famously rugged Maine coast. But, after a 10 minute exposure using a 10 stop ND filter, the tumultuous Atlantic become tranquil. The Portland Head Light no longer appears to be the guardian of the angry coast, but the charming wonder that truly is. I feel that this is the true juxtaposed majesty of the Portland Headlight: charm among chaos.

This image is a mod of another one (which was posted before I had many followers and a different crop, so I am interested in comparing pulse after). If you like it, I also submitted it for the “Best of the World” contest. If you like it, or other photos of mine, your support is appreciated:

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Solitude – Except Mosquitoes by morganpt

This was another night in Ann Arbor where the mosquitoes and lilly pads dominated. Luckily, though mosquitoes are not photogenic, lilly pads are! I waded out to this one to shoot a the lilly pad focus stack to ensure clarity, and then stitched two long exposure images together to get the rest of the frame. For best viewing, please press H and M to see large on a black background.

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Lighthouse Warmth by morganpt

As some people may have guessed here at 500px, I am in love with the Splitrock Lighthouse in Minnesota now. This is a hand held stitch of two vertical images at sunrise. Definitely best seen large and on black. Press H and M.

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