Serenity by LivingLoud

Модель – Ирина Попова
Model – Irina Popova 
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Winter sunset by cristinageier

A strange winter without snow this year, but every day is sunny with beautiful sunsets. This pict is taken on Lake Levico, not far fron Trento, Italy. In the background Monte Vigolana.

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Fog in the forest by lonspera

Fog and sun in the autumn forest

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Novice Monk in Thailand by SasinTipchai

Novice Monk in Thailand

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Time for silence by EsmeraldaTunichtgut

I always use the last days of the year to calm down and spend some time with the ones I love. But I also review the last months, remember the joyful and sad moments and draw a balance. I wish all of you silent and tranquil days, merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. May there be more peace and hope…

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Time Measured In Sand… by LiliaAlvarado

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