Waiting for…Blue Christmas by lafuguelogos

Lafugue Logos sets Macro / Blue syndrome / Fluff & feathers 
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The Pearl by MacClaus

Perlan (english: Pearl) is a landmark building and one of the attractions in Reykjavík. Perlan is located on the hill Öskjuhlíð, where there had been hot water storage tanks for decades. Up on the fourth level is a 360° viewing platform, where you can get the best panoramic views of Reykjavík, and it is also a spectacular location for the northern lights. The metal framework of the building is pumped with hot water in the winter and cooler water in the summer, to help keep the exhibition space, the cafe and the restaurant at perfect temperature at all times.

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Two black pearls. by jordidenit

Lolita portrait with natural light from the window, two layers one in color and one in black and white fused multiply mode, then with a layer mask were recovered lights of the face and the beads.
Por si la traducción no ha funcionado 😦 mi intención era decir que la imagen son dos capas, una de color y otra de b/n fusionada en modo multiplicar, después con una máscara de capa recupero las luces de la cara y de las perlas.
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