Off-line by CarlosCaicedo1

There are objects we take for granted because they’ve been part of our daily lives since we can remember. They’re so well designed, modern technology hasn’t been able to improve. And their simplicity is remarkably welcome to the camera.

The simple, friendly little pencil is one of them. And it’s an extension of our brain.

Out of a row of yellow pencils, a single one that broke the mold also broke the tip.

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some color pencils by ZacharyV

we bought D a box of color pencils today.
She opened it and put those pencils on the floor after she used.

i put the table lamp close to them and took my camera out from the dry box.

i Clicked!

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coloring -Adam by iwonapodlasinska

I couldn’t wait until they take a pencil into their hands and start drawing. I loved drawing and painting (until I had to do it every day) my husband used to draw too (I have his drawing framed on my wall at work). I waited until my boys are old enough to try but I can’t really tell if they will like it as their parents.

taken with Sony A7 and Samyang 85mm 1.4
editied: PS and LR

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