Vestrahorn’s Illusion in Stokksness Peninsula, Ice by PatrickMarsonOng

Did some digging as I’m beginning to miss this place. It was year 2012, my first visit in Iceland, Immediately fell in love with it. So here is something to heat up the cold winter now.

If you plan to visit Iceland anytime soon, make sure you include Vestrahorn in your itinerary. Just 5km in from the main road, home to a one of a kind mountain, golden hills, and a reflection to die for! Oh and if you get lucky, might catch it partially frozen! Cheers!

**Best Viewed on black, thanks for looking!**

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Standing Still by darkelfphotography

This must be just about the most photographed place in Iceland so naturally we had to get out there and I had capture it myself as well!

It is of course Kirkjufell – The Church Mountain – near the town of Grundarfjörður on the Snæfelnelss Peninsula.

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Aurora Winds At Krikjufell by danielmachtfotos

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This shot was pretty hard to take. I hiked to the waterfall during the night and it was stormy as hell. To make my way up there was the one challenge, but the real challenge was to get a good shot because I only had my smaller tripod with me which – obviously – is not that heavy so it could stand the stormy winds.

I had to hold it really tight and always wait for some moments where the wind is not too strong so I can take a shot without completely shaking the camera.

Thanks for viewing and being interested in what I do!

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Icy Veins of Stokksness Peninsula by PatrickMarsonOng

Here’s another take of that one of a kind mountain in Iceland – Vestrahorn.

A supposed to be gloomy morning turned into a golden one. Lucky me! It was a cold, cold, cold sunrise!! Hope you check it out! Cheers!

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