Dark Wasteland by erax7

32 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia. Last of 3 panoramas that I did on this night with the setting crescent moon creating a back lit situation and causing long shadows from the spires of the Pinnacles in the foreground.

The zodiacal light reaches up into the sky. This particular time was harder to post process than the other 2 images because of the light was still changing marginally after sunset.

I didn’t post process this one till last because there were stitching issues which I managed to deal with using PTgui pro and using control points to make sure that it all connected properly.

I might have a few more night photography opportunities this year – not sure due to the later sunsets and the earlier setting of the milky way combined with the less than ideal moon cycles.

I’ve been experimenting with a few more things recently (not yet posted anywhere) and some failures are leading to some problem solving to overcome it – I’m fairly sure that I can given time and experimenting.


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Terminus by erax7

29 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia with a setting crescent moon lighting (back lit) to create shadows from the Pinnacles. Zodiacal light also is present in the scene.

Decided to call this one Terminus – for the setting moon and that we are very close to the end of milky way season. I can’t think of anything else at the moment 😦

I’m doing a youtube video off my astrophotobear youtube channel – with the first part up – showing the raw files, preprocessing and stitching in PTGui pro. 2nd video should be up soon, just been too busy to finish it yet. But the 2nd video includes all the rest of the post processing for this image.

I’d been planning to do back lit crescent moon lighting for a long time now, but conditions have always been a bit adverse (cloud).

Not actually very happy with this one though – not quite balanced right >_< was in a bit of a rush due to time.



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The Light Within by erax7

Canon 6d tamron 15-30 @ 15mm F2.8 ISO 6400 25s x 29 image panorama.

I’ve been waiting to do a backlit shot with the moon for around 1 1/2 years now – conditions have never been good to do so for when I’ve been available. I went 3 times last year and despite clear forecasts, ended up being clouded out (I don’t mind a bit of cloud though). So having the back lit conditions – the Pinnacles create some long shadows. I made some silly mistakes off course, but that’s just part of life.

Apart from the moon – the zodiacal light streams up towards the core of the milky way.

Thanks for the help advice on my instagram feed for a name – unfortunately nothing quite jumps up at me at the moment >_< . At the moment – I’ll use a title that a friend of mine Sharron suggested.

Also have been getting together to do some youtube videos that will be coming up online soon. I think doing the videos is harder than public speaking – I can readily do a presentation/workshop to 30-50 people. But with doing a video, you know you can start again 😛



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Exploring the Great Expanse by erax7

Panorama image of 32 images @ 15mm F2.8 ISO 6300 30s using a Canon 6d and Tamron 15-30mm.

Wanting to emphasise scale of the milky way in this image with the star reflections. So stood a bit further back and used my flash with a CTO gel.



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Nightmare by erax7

Canon 6d + tamron 15-30mm 15mm ISO 6400 x f2.8 x 30s x 50 images panorama using my fish eye sort of panorama style. While it’s 50 images – it’s only really about 30 images. I had some problems with a new lens and just kept on taking. So quite a few redundant frames in this instance.

I went to Lake Dumbleyung – a salt lake in Western Australia to shoot the milky way. The water level was lower than expected so only took one of the lake itself (may process that one later). I found the thick mud to be an issue as clung to my legs and I sunk more than half a foot into the muddy surface. A bit problematic when you’re carrying 2 tripods, camera and a heavy pack when scouting.

Around the lake – there are hundreds of dead trees clutching at the sky – so I visualised with the fisheye effect to have the image framed by them.

I had some stitching issues though – I had to re-stitch one of the frames manually as one of the arms of the milky way initially distorted more than I would like – and a small triangle around the edge had to be filled – I think I’ve finally worked out how to fix that.



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Fractured Earth by erax7

28 image panorama at f2.8 25 s iso 6400. This is one of my images from February 2015 – that I just hadn’t processed until recently. I felt it didn’t have the punchiness of having a self portrait in it. Ironically it’s actually closer to my original composition when I started looking for salt lakes more than a year ago (I started my method of self portraits about a year ago now).

I haven’t been around much since life has been very busy. I have a worry that I may succumb to feeling so busy that I hang up the camera like what has happened to so many of my friends over the 4 -5 years that I’ve had an interest in photography.

I do enjoy getting out – regardless of taking the image. I feel it’s very important to retain and nurture something creative in life. I do get a bit frustrated because it feels that the imagination is getting a bit smothered by other things at the moment and it’s just wanting to explode due to the dozens of experiments that I haven’t yet managed to articulate.

So in a way – the stress fractures of the salt lake echo a bit of that feeling. I shouldn’t feel the pressure to be present on social media, but enjoy the moments when I can.

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