No.313 – Raindrops by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 313 of my 365 photo challenge – A split-toned, macro (ish) image of rain drops falling in to a puddle full of fallen Autumn leaves.

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My Middle Earth by AlisterBenn

I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and was an avid reader of Tolkein and the Lord of the Rings books. Many days I would walk through these woods, a stick sword in my hands chasing Orcs or dodging black riders.

It was a good childhood and one filled with stories and a full imagination.

I think my inquisitiveness as a photographer stems from those days and I still feel that rush of childhood, even though the age of 50 approaches!

I hope never to lose that inner child.

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No.227 – Harvest by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 227 of my 365 photo challenge – A split-toned, HDR, stitched, panoramic landscape image of hay bales on a recently harvested field casting long shadows in the late afternoon Summer sun.

This is a 15 shot image. A 5 shot, portrait orientation panorama with each of those images being a 3 shot HDR for detail.

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