Dallas New Years Eve by pensrud

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What luck to drive down to Dallas on New Years eve. There was no wind. The water and reflections were such a treat. And unexpected. I hoped, but doubted I would be so lucky. Well, I was.

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Peaks n Stars by pensrud

Peaks and stars. Two of my favorite things. Only way it could be better would be cruising down that snow on my snowboard, ripping it. Hope you like it.

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From two images. Lovely scene above the Rheintal, near Malbun, Liechtenstein. Used to pass this valley often driving up to where I taught snowboarding on the weekends. Best way to learn German/Swiss German. Teach snowboarding, practice, and share a skill with others. 😀 Wonderful place. Wonderful memories.

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Sylt, Ellenbogen West by pensrud

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So….On a two week long visit to the area my goals were to capture many of the beautiful lighthouses along the North Sea in Germany and Denmark. This lovely lighthouse is on Sylt, a popular tourist destination, and getaway for wealthy Germans living in Hamburg, like the Hamptons for New Yorkers.

Beautiful coastline, and great place. I rented a bike and cruised all around the island finding locations and capturing four of the five lighthouses on the island. I spent the night out in the sand dunes capturing the Milky Way and stars overhead and getting blasted by sand and salt water. 50+ mile an hour winds. :/

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Fire in the Sky by pensrud

From a beautiful day in the mountains. High up in the sky got rewarded with a wonderful sunset. Cold, damn cold, but well worth it.

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Hallstatt by pensrud

A cold and foggy night walking the streets of Hallstatt.

After spending the day in Kitzbuhl watching the downhill skiing championships I hopped in the car and drove out to Hallstatt. Two hours through snowy weather and fog I kept thinking, this isn’t the most ideal weather for Hallstatt, I should just turn around. But, as a Californian living abroad, kept telling myself how lucky I am to even have this opportunity. It really was an interesting drive in my small, two-wheel drive, euro-style hatchback.

I had a nice time capturing the city, but an even better time talking with a gentlemen from the area. He was the owner of two homes on the point where all people capture Hallstatt. We talked about the history of the city. Growing up there. The bus loads of tourists, and his 92 year old mother drinking schnapps in town. After these images I went down to the waters edge on his dock/boathouse to capture this image. Many of Hallstatt are from higher up, and I have those too, but I liked this lower perspective. Just wish it was a clear night to see the stars and peaks in the background.

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Finally Got You, Landwasser Viaduct :D by pensrud

Wanted to visit this location for years. Before moving to Switzerland I had seen images of this place, and saw images of the train rides through the region. I finally went out to capture the train in spring with snow on the ground. After hiking above it, and sitting on some cliffs for a few hours I went down and got wet, sitting in water and walking around the creek below searching for the best composition. Got wet, got numb, but my excitement in being there kept me warm. Great memory. Hope you like it.

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Sun Down, Moon Down by pensrud

On a cold night up on a small lake in Switzerland I enjoyed a beautiful sunset, and moonset. As the sky darkened the moon followed its way down. Afterwards I was rewarded with a clear and crisp night full of stars overhead. Lovely night out in the snow. Wet and numb feet, but well worth it. For this image I was standing out on the water on frozen weeds. I kept sinking and had to be careful not to fall through. Fun times. 😀

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Super Moon Lunar Eclipse by pensrud

On a cloudy but beautiful evening in Texas was able to capture the different phases of the eclipse last night. I invited any interested neighbors out to photograph the eclipse and to teach them about night photography. Several neighbors came out for the event. Some brought their own cameras, some came and used mine, while I explained ISO, Aperture and shutter speeds and how they work together. Sent them home with some information and a few good images.

Great time.

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