Framed by LisaHolloway

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Monsoon Over Tempe by RussellMcGuire

Sometimes, life has no reason unlike the seasons
It aimlessly drifts with the wind
We find ourselves in places of unfamiliar faces
Bathing in the shadows of sin
Our souls become lost up in the holocaust
That once was a beautiful life
Like a ship drifting upon the tide we bang and then we ride
The white horse straight into death

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Phoenix liberty by zardo500px

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Arizona Has Waterfalls??? by RussellMcGuire

Two years ago, before I lived in Arizona (Texas boy by birth), if you would have told me Arizona has waterfalls, I would have called you a nut job and said it was a desert. Well, looks like I was way off the mark with that one. To my surprise, and not more than a mile away from where I live, is a Arizona waterfall.

The area is called The Arizona Falls and is formed by a natural 20-foot drop along the Arizona Canal between what is now 56th and 58th streets. It reopened in June 2003 as a restored hydroelectric plant and neighborhood gathering place where visitors can learn, interact and reflect.

I was out wondering around one day when I happened to stumble upon this place. It sits up along the banks of a canal and if you are driving by it’s kind of hard to spot. Once I saw it, I knew I had to go out and shoot it. There is nothing “special” about this photo, but it holds a place near to my heart since it was one of the first things I photographed after moving to Arizona.

Dating back to the late 1800s, when the ancient HoHoKam indian canals were rebuilt – Arizona Falls had been a gathering place in the desert, until it was forgotten, then revitalized 12 years ago.

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