A stone’s throw from home by AlfredoCostanzo

I have traveled a lot in recent years,to photograph wonderful places,but sometimes, the most beautiful place, is a stone’s throw from home
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Piano by AlfonsoNovillo

Good afternoon dear friends, I want to show this photo that moved me hands… I went with my camera to take some photos in the field and saw when I came across the back of this mall so curious and I couldn’t help but photograph. Will have much weakness for the architectural photography but mine is already obsession haha I wish a Merry evening and week! 🙂

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Aged to Perfection by DaniloFaria

An old favorite image of mine taken at Ghost Town of Ruby, Arizona. It was a booming mining town at the beginning of last century, then it vanished as the mining material was gone. The piano is still sitting there inside a room, abandoned and decaying away as many other objects and buildings. Thank you all!

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Naomi by majatopcagic

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Model: Naomi Druskic
World glory is waiting for this young talented pianist Naomi Druskic. I am amazed by her talent AND beauty. All in one. As a recognized artist in America with a plenty of awards on a worldwide basis, and only 17 years old, she will be the next best pianist in the world (and I´m not exaggerating, I´m even being modest). So happy I met her, and took photos of her. Good luck Naomi!

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