What A View by randydpoll

One of the great views in the natural world-Pikes Peak and the front range of the Rocky Mountains behind the Garden of the Gods. I took this shot at sunrise. We are so lucky here in Colorado Springs to be able to view this natural wonder!

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The Siamese Twins by randydpoll

Pike’s Peak framed by the Siamese Twins at the Garden of the Gods on Saturday morning. My first visit to this part of the park.

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Reflections of PIke’s Peak by delorespoll

More fall colors and reflections on Pike’s Peak. The South Catamount Reservoir is one of the primary water sources for Colorado Springs. Just an incredible sight! My first time on Pike’s Peak after living here all these years.

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The Kissing Camels and Pike’s Peak by randydpoll

Sunrise at the Garden of the Gods Saturday morning. The Kissing Camels are lighted up in front of Pike’s Peak, which had the first snowfall in sometime.

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The Fall Colors Beauty of Pike’s Peak by delorespoll

The fall colors beauty of our majestic Pike’s Peak. The summit is to the left in the background. The mist on the reservoir is rising.

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More Reflections and Colors by randydpoll

More of the reflections and fall colors on Pike’s Peak. The summit is to the left background.

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Fall Colors and Reflections by randydpoll

More fall colors on Pike’s Peak. We were fortunate that there was no wind that day, so the reflections were great.

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The Dwarf Aspens on Pike’s Peak by randydpoll

The dwarf aspens on Pike’s Peak. The fall colors enhance the beauty of this great landmark. The summit of Pike’s Peak is to the left of the tree.

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Back to Pike’s Peak by randydpoll

A nice reflection on Pike’s Peak last Sunday. The summit is to the left in the background.

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Fall Colors on Pike’s Peak by randydpoll

Fall colors last Sunday on Pikes Peak. You can see the summit on the left in the background. The reflections in the reservoir were fantastic. You can see the mist coming off the water. It was on of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever viewed.

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