Tetons Cold Band by eyeofalens

Tetons Cold Band

An old file given a fresh take to empthasize the cold -12 morning & band of cold light seen running across Jackson Lake

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Winter forest by mikkokarjalainen

Evening in a Finnish forest in Saariselkä.

Website: mikkokarjalainen.kuvat.fi
Google+: Mikko Karjalainen
Instagram: mehtamikko

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Garden of the Gods Sunset by raygreenphotography

Sunset view of some of the dramatically shaped ridges of red sandstone that make up the Garden of the Gods public park. This amazingly beautiful little park is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructuive comments!

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Valley Clouds by raygreenphotography

Winter sunset from classic Tunnel View (aka Discovery View), Yosemite National Park. We lucked out with some pretty interesting cloud and low hanging fog formations on this particular evening! Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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Down the Road by DaniloFaria

While dozens of photographers flocked the famous “Courthouse Mountain” spot waiting for sunset, I went a few yards down the road and saw this view… This view of the sunset was great, the Courthouse one this specific day, not so much…Thank you all for your support!

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Antorno e Cadini by nicolabombassei

The winter is reflected on the Antorno Lake, Misurina, Auronzo. The snow in the autumn is one of the best show of the year here in Dolomites.

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