Cosmic Pinnacles by AaronGroen

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Pinnacles Overlook single exposure shot. Taken 6/30/2014 – 1:00:56 AM
with a Canon EOS 6D and EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II usm @ 30s f2.8 8000iso

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Ode to the Stars by kahkityoong

I don’t shoot night skies that often; truth be told I’m usually preferring to have a nice feed somewhere! But occasionally if the conditions are right I’ll hang out late. Being out in the silence of the desert under a star studded sky turned out o be a special experience. This one is two stitched images from my Nikon D810 and 14-24mm

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Dark Wasteland by erax7

32 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia. Last of 3 panoramas that I did on this night with the setting crescent moon creating a back lit situation and causing long shadows from the spires of the Pinnacles in the foreground.

The zodiacal light reaches up into the sky. This particular time was harder to post process than the other 2 images because of the light was still changing marginally after sunset.

I didn’t post process this one till last because there were stitching issues which I managed to deal with using PTgui pro and using control points to make sure that it all connected properly.

I might have a few more night photography opportunities this year – not sure due to the later sunsets and the earlier setting of the milky way combined with the less than ideal moon cycles.

I’ve been experimenting with a few more things recently (not yet posted anywhere) and some failures are leading to some problem solving to overcome it – I’m fairly sure that I can given time and experimenting.


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Terminus by erax7

29 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia with a setting crescent moon lighting (back lit) to create shadows from the Pinnacles. Zodiacal light also is present in the scene.

Decided to call this one Terminus – for the setting moon and that we are very close to the end of milky way season. I can’t think of anything else at the moment 😦

I’m doing a youtube video off my astrophotobear youtube channel – with the first part up – showing the raw files, preprocessing and stitching in PTGui pro. 2nd video should be up soon, just been too busy to finish it yet. But the 2nd video includes all the rest of the post processing for this image.

I’d been planning to do back lit crescent moon lighting for a long time now, but conditions have always been a bit adverse (cloud).

Not actually very happy with this one though – not quite balanced right >_< was in a bit of a rush due to time.



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The Light Within by erax7

Canon 6d tamron 15-30 @ 15mm F2.8 ISO 6400 25s x 29 image panorama.

I’ve been waiting to do a backlit shot with the moon for around 1 1/2 years now – conditions have never been good to do so for when I’ve been available. I went 3 times last year and despite clear forecasts, ended up being clouded out (I don’t mind a bit of cloud though). So having the back lit conditions – the Pinnacles create some long shadows. I made some silly mistakes off course, but that’s just part of life.

Apart from the moon – the zodiacal light streams up towards the core of the milky way.

Thanks for the help advice on my instagram feed for a name – unfortunately nothing quite jumps up at me at the moment >_< . At the moment – I’ll use a title that a friend of mine Sharron suggested.

Also have been getting together to do some youtube videos that will be coming up online soon. I think doing the videos is harder than public speaking – I can readily do a presentation/workshop to 30-50 people. But with doing a video, you know you can start again 😛



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Astride the Pinnacle by everlookphotography

Pinnacles Lookout
Grampians National Park

Some old poetry I used to dabble in in the past – which drove me to escape from the self by walking and running to witness the beauty of nature :

When I can read the cloud’s white trails
Like a favourite book’s most fancied lines
Then all love’s heads and twining tails
Will be foreseen as fate untwines

When all my fears like North to North
Repel from me to drown in wine
Then only can my love give birth
To kindred woes awaiting in line

When I can dance with all my hates
Cheek to heart in merry braille
Then perhaps I’ll lift this veil of spite
Which hides true mirth from dogged will

Perhaps I’ll ask my humble God
Sins forgiven at summit’s dusk
Then take these irons so poorly shod
And tread the snow ‘til pardon rests

I have no need for grammar’s chains
No past to bind nor future tense
The present peruses this narrow lane
Like broken glass, dies all good sense

Yet wander I will with no good reason
Like fallen petals once blood red
Now wan and worn like a silent sermon
White for all the love so bled.

-Sometimes it doesn’t bother me if the picture’s not perfect – I have a record of the experience I had that particular morning including getting lost in the dark on the way up.

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Space by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys 🙂

I’ve been pretty busy lately and have unfortunately been neglecting my social media outlets and ze 500 pixels, I recently got into the top 3 finalists for the Western Australia Landscape photographer of the year and it’s all kind of gone nutty since then 🙂

I posted this shot and a few more to come because I feel like i’ve neglected my roots for the last few months, my gold winning images for photographer of the year barely made splash on here and I’ve been creating imagery for myself that probably doesn’t suit here as much in regards to popularity.

But I miss my Milky Ways and i’m slowly going over them again and messing around with them and hope to post some more as the week goes on 🙂

Thank you to 500px for the Editors Choice this week as well, very honored to have that 🙂

I’m working on some pretty cool new projects this year with lots of aerials booked in but also some more Milky Way shoots in August so fingers crossed I bring back some 🙂


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