The Shard by HatCatPhotography

This is a photo I have taken with my old Olympus PL3 cam during a trip to London. It was shot out of the window of London Tower bridge!

If you wondering why the perspective has not been corrected. I tried and did is the best I could achieve. I have taken that photo to distorded and in a very bad angle as I had to shoot somehow awkward through a window.

Wish you all the best,

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It by HatCatPhotography

Ok, this is a really old photo that has been made with my first cam Olympus PL3. What you see on this photo is ME! 🙂 The photo was made by my girlfriend during a big carnival party in Mannheim, Germany. I decided to make a very rough edit. At the time the photo was taken I actually had no clue what aperture is for so i am happy the photo is quite ok.

Thanks for all your interactions in advance,

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