Elevation by Carlosmacr

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This image is specially dedicated to Aiste, Viktorija and Vytautas from http://www.orobalionai.lt (in Lithuania) who let me ride in one of their balloons. This summer had the chance to ride on hot air balloon. It was something i really wanted as i wanted to have some stock hot-air-balloon images to use if i needed to make any manipulation.

This is a photomanipulation made with my own stock images. I added the balloon and the birds to the main image (pretty obvious :))

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Esta imagen va dedicada a Aiste, Viktorija y Vytautas (de http://www.orobalionai.lt), que este pasado verano me dieron la oportunidad de volar en uno de sus balones aerostáticos. Hacía tiempo que tenía ganas de probar esa sensación y así de paso tener algunas imágenes de globos aerostáticos para “fabricar” alguna imagen.
Este es un fotomontaje que hice con mis propias imágenes. A la imagen de base le añadí el globo aerostático y las aves (supongo que es obvio :-))

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A place where the sound is quiet by carasionut

Photo manipulation based on my own stock photography


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Naomi by majatopcagic

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Model: Naomi Druskic
World glory is waiting for this young talented pianist Naomi Druskic. I am amazed by her talent AND beauty. All in one. As a recognized artist in America with a plenty of awards on a worldwide basis, and only 17 years old, she will be the next best pianist in the world (and I´m not exaggerating, I´m even being modest). So happy I met her, and took photos of her. Good luck Naomi!

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