DILEMMA by DianiRalph

I titled this photo DILEMMA due to the conflict between the awesome beauty of these magnificent creatures, and the fact that misguided superstitions are wiping them out!!
How is it that we humans are able to love something to death???
This photo was taken on a dark evening in the Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Many of you will recognise this as a part of a series and need not read further.
We had waited for a long time with this group (13 in total) when the sun suddenly burst out from a very dark and heavy sky for about 2 minutes during which I think that I took at least 50 shots 🙂
Tragically this group were soon thereafter decimated by being poached, and then many were relocated to other areas in Kenya for their safety.
Of the several times that I have been back to try and get more shots, we have only ever seen one or two hiding in the bushes 😦

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Still standing by pjkrebs

White Rhino
“Rhinoplasty” (surgically removing upwards of 90% of the horn) could save rhinos. In areas where dehorning has been practiced, poaching rates decreased significantly.
Because of its regrowth, experts recommend that dehorning should be repeated every 12-24 months.
It’s not a perfect answer, but considering the staggering rates of poaching in recent years, it’s a good start.

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Dust Babies by DianiRalph

As a follow up to my last photo, these are the babies having their dust baths.
They had been removed (reluctantly) from a swamp by their mothers and spent quite a while sitting and “complaining” to each other about the end of their play time.
I am hoping to get back to Amboselli soon with my newest lenses as there is no lovelier photo than the Elephants in the swamp at the foothills of Kilimanjaro !!

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Red Giants Pano by DianiRalph

Some of Tsavo’s iconic “red elephants” with the outlines of Voi and Kasigau in the background.
Of all Kenya’s elephants, the ones in Tsavo are by far the most spectacular, both in size and colour.

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