Red Beijing by JulienFolcher

This the last amazing sunset I got to see from my apartment window in Beijing before moving out… The light was incredible.

The afternoon was very polluted, but right before sunset it started to rain a little and the fresh wind from the mountain started to clear the pollution.

I really hated polluted days in Beijing, but under certain condition it could give the sky some crazy colors… I saw an article a while ago saying pollution was giving Beijing some Mars – like sunsets, this is one of them.

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Mad Max by edwardreese

Passed by this factory near the border of Virginia on a frigid afternoon. The grey skies, the fog coming off the water, and the steam pouring out of the stacks really gave sort of a post-apocalyptic feel to the landscape.

Tried to enhance that feeling in post. Hope not over-cooked.

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Dream on by Carlosmacr

Trying something different in my gallery, now that i am able to capture some decent milky way. Didn’t try with this image to make a realistic one; just playing with the milky way. Blended to do it 3 different photos of my sotck photos.

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Probando alguna cosilla nueva, ahora que puedo sacar alguna vía láctea decente.. Esta imagen no tiene la pretensión de ser algo realista… simplemente tenía ganas de hacer algo con la vía láctea. Lo hice fusionando 3 fotografías que había en el disco duro.

Gracias por vuestra visita, saludos y buen fin de semana a todos

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