~ A New Day ~ by DavidGomes1

It’s a dawn, it’s A New Day, it’s New Year, it’s a new life,
For me.
And I’m feeling GOOD.

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~ The stars of new day ~ by DavidGomes1

We were the stars of this beautiful new day!
Have a nice weekend and Halloween day!

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~ Migic hour ~ by DavidGomes1

Magic hour from the majestic bridge Vasco da Gama!
Have a nice weekend!

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CROSSROADS by fredconcha


The Ponte Vasco da Gama Lisbon is a massive 17km long bridge that spans the shallow but wide Tagus Estuary to the east of Lisbon. This massive bridge was once Europe longest bridge and was named after Portugal’s great explorer Vasco da Gama. The Ponte Vasco da Gama is certainly not as charismatic as the Lisbon’s other bridge the golden arched Ponte 25 de Abril but its sheer size and ability just to stretch out into the horizon is an engineering marvel.

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~(New) Golden Day ~ by DavidGomes1

The new golden and fantastic day is just starting from bridge Vasco da Gama!
It was a phenomenal and remarkable moment!
Have a nice weekend!
Enjoy and vote!
Thanks a lot for your kind support and comments!

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~ Closed moment ~ by DavidGomes1

The majestic PVG on closed moment during sunrise!
I coming for sunrise’s colors party the sky was full closed!
Somebody in this forum has demanded me to post this majestic bridje in B&W!
Dedicated specialy to my dear friend Miguel Silva!
Have a nice weekend!

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