Morning Piercer by eyeofalens

Morning Piercer
Im in a water mood at the moment & although it’s winter & grey & praying for some snow, I will be longing for some spring greens & water action …Oregon might well beckon again !
Columbia River Gorge has an abundance of waterfalls to keep one going for years on end..cant remeber what this one was called? & only stopped as I was walking pass & saw the sun shining through.
It was a challenge to capture with the spay, would have liked the sunstar a little smaller, but preferred this composition.

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Ruby Falls by GaryRandall

“Ruby (Emerald) Falls” in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

A creative edit prepared for 500px. 😉

For those curious, this is done by doing some channel swapping in Photoshop.

Yayyy!! photoshoop!! I killed the foliage!!

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Smurf on Ice by terenceleezy | Facebook | Flickr

Headed out to FCF with Lance and Rami, half hoping the gate will not be closed. Alas didnt get too lucky there. That gate added 4 unncessary miles to the hike in the not so awesome ice and slush. The consistent rain didnt help the situation at all. We were about 4 day late from prime, may look pretty and all but I got 3 words; cold, wet and miserable. Haha. Got to 2 miles before the trailhead, seeing the icy scene and i realized i had forgotten my spikes.. Left it on the passenger seat in my car. Opps. Stole one side of Rami’s spike during the hike (eternally grateful) and when I got here, precariously slide around those slick ice to get to the edge. And as Tula would say, it’s tree times my height. smile emoticon Cold, wet and miserable but I guess it was still a pretty scene! Happy Tuesday! Flooding yesterday and blackout today from too much rain? Now to find some dinner. 🙂 ‪#‎UCLAcolors‬

Falls Creek Falls, Washington.

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