Electric Auras (pt 2) by robwoodcoxphoto

I’m excited to share the second image of a personal series titled “Electric Auras” I have developed amidst my world tour to document the beautiful people I meet. I interact with a lot of people as I travel but there are a few that stand out to me; they are the quickest to smile, the fastest to share a meal, and the first to offer assistance with no additional cost or strings attached. I find peace with these people because they are the reason I have great memories and their warm spirits resonate with mine. I want to show these people as powerful through the creation of this series; in a world often consumed with hatred and greed, it is the kind and humble that truly hold power in my eyes.

This particular image is of my now good friend and Vietnamese brother, Long Tran. He’s a fellow photographer and explorer and surely has a bright future with his great talent and personality! We shot this photo on a secluded stretch of the Mekong River in southwest Vietnam.


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Steam-Vessel by ChristianBoss

A small Sulzer steam-vessel in a disused Powerplant in evening sunlight. I hope you like it as me. I wish you a nice Evening.

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Take Me Higher by MajeedBadizadegan

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I spent the last few days with some friends shooting the amazing Shore Acres Wave. The ocean was an incredible spectacle with swells between 20 and 30 feet. I was privy to light that changed as fast as the moving storm. It was hard to determine whether the moisture in the air was coming from above, or carried across the sky from salty waters below. It wasn’t a matter of getting drenched, it was how fast you got to that point.

These conditions almost claimed my camera as much of the sea spray was forcing it’s way under my storm cover, creating a greenhouse type effect from the surrounding moisture.

Enjoy this one and others to come from this awesome display of the raw power of nature.

Shore Acres State Park, OR

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Horses grazing on pasture at sundown by SasinTipchai

Horses grazing on pasture at sundown

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“Lucid dreaming” by ArnarKristjansson

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Probably one of the hardest picture I’ve ever taken. Me and Simona had talked about taking a self portrait under that waterfall with the auroras. The most difficult thing was to not to get the lens wet as the spray was every where .We ran over and over again to that rock front and back which was covered in very slip ice, in the end we finally… got it! :=)

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