Karlův most – Study 2 by Haggard-Photography

Karlův most – Study 2 | Prague, Czech Republic 2015

© Ronny Behnert
Website – Bewegungsunschaerfe

Prague didn´t show it´s foggy site though it´s famous for many misty days. But it wasn´t a problem at all. Every morning I found a bit of mist above the city, in which Prague turned into a romantic, dreamy atmosphere.
I always saw this fisherman which was in time every morning to catch his meal for the day. This morning he decided to leave his favourite spot behind the Charles Bridge to start fishing a bit more in the north of Vlatva river. Good for me and the photo!

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How many Books can you read? by AlexGaflig

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A cool tunnel view of books in a library in Prague. Anyone knows what’s the trick here? =) It’s not Photoshopped!!
Librarys are often very beautiful and impressive, like the one in Stuttgart, Germany.
Prague also has some other beautiful library views, i’ll shoot them next time when i’m back in my favorite city.

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Bulb Mode by AlexGaflig

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New cam, new lens,iso100, same place, prague again. I simply love this city and i wanted to re-do some old shots. Maybe some know my old pic: Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison.
I wanted to go to the top, but there was a little gate, i’ve been with friends there and under time pressure, so i didnt 😐

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In the Matrix by AlexGaflig

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Had a hard Party weekend in Prague with friends, came back with some cool shots 😀 Inspired by the master of the Underground Joe Plasmatico 😉 Model is my friend Udon.

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