La Petite France by AlexGaflig

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Now i’ve been to 10 different countries in 2015 (without Germany)
I live about 2h away from Strasbourg, but i’ve never been there. On the weekend i decided to visit this beautiful city, taking pictures on friday evening and i was shocked when i had a wifi signal again about what happened in Paris. Could happen to all of us, horrible. Anyway, Strasbourg is very beautiful, awesome food and cake, just worth a visit!!

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Pray for Peace by BeNowMeHere

An amazing sky over Montreux, Chillon Castle gave us this magic lights….Just a day after atrocity in Paris…
To pray for Peace…
To show how wonderful life is in peace…

BeNowMeHere, Montreux, Switzerland, 2015

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el ocaso de la razón by fmarty

Praying for Paris and all affected by yesterday’s attacks.

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” Keep up the light on Paris ” by Yannick_Lefevre

sunset all around La Défense & the Eiffel Tower
#prayforparis ….

A la mémoire des centaines de disparus tombé sous la barbarie en ce jour du Vendredi 13 Novembre à Paris

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