Trolltunga Love by kaizross

One time I was unhappy with the results I had in photo and there was a guy who said “how much better can it be – it’s perfect”. It made me think about me being very picky and why is that. I realized that there is a difference when you see other people’s work and your work. Basically you see the work for few seconds and you go: yeah nice. Me on the other hand have to look at this for hours and I know every pixel on it so after some time I can’t take it anymore and I have to change it so it’d be pleasing to me. This one shot here is one of them.

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Trolltunga Engage by kaizross

So I did one shot called Trolltunga Romantic previously and it so happened I felt the irresistible urge to improve it. If a shot doesn’t make me happy I’ll try something new and here it is – the new one. This couple absolutely warmed my heart, it was a beautiful surprise to me to be witnessing this.

Unfortunately this dangerous beauty, Trolltunga, had its first victim. On Saturday evening a young woman fell and lost her life. I suggest having a quiet moment for her.

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