Puffin in Flight by WildPlanetPhotoMagazine


In February this year, Richard Peters took a picture that would win awards in two of the world’s biggest wildlife photography competitions. He reveals the careful planning behind his celebrated image, his hopes for his new eBook, and why he believes you don’t have to travel to exotic locations to get great photos… (Interview by Keith Wilson)

Image © Richard Peters
In order to more dramatically capture the back light filtering through the wings, a very slow shutter speed and panning technique was used.

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A Puffin Twitter Party by DanielHerr

I swear, when you you see puffins in a group, you can get crazy. They look cute, the fly bad, they often move like pinguins and their chants sound like a chainsaw orchestra. I am glad, that this shot worked quiete well – freehand from a far distance.

It was late evening and I could catch the last light but my camera settings were not as brillant as the scene. But I just had to react and to take to chance to get them united in twittering.

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Puffin Fumanchu by fegari

We love Sushi by fegari

We love Sushi by fegari