Welcome to Gotham City by Photocillin

A fisheye 15mm shot of the entrance to the PWC (PriceWaterhouseCooper) Building on the South bank in London taken at the end of the Global Photowalk on Saturday heading for the station

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The Cerebroid by joe_plasmatico

(give it a black frame)

Hi guys; summer is at it’s best and I took two days off and went to Frankfurt to venture the city.
First day the conditions were excellent, only a view clouds, splendid light from the right angle and the beer and sausages completed the photographers trinity. (°.°)
The next day was a bit less fun, too many clouds, light was very diffuse and my hangover unbearable. That comes when you have too much fun in the first.^^

Anyway, I have to mention our friends Bildwerk Freiburg and Winfried Werner, both have been very inspiring, and so I tried some different approach, letting the two ‘subjects’ having their dialogue.

Therefore I added some ‘color’ into their argument…….

Technically this are two frames, the background sky was an archive shot from a few weeks ago.

The saga continues December 18, 2015……

via 500px http://ift.tt/1KT2yXq