Sunrise with Venus by patrickzephyr

I’ve crossed this brook many times in route to other locations on the shoreline here at one of my favorite areas of the Quabbin Reservoir. For a few months every year I can watch the sun rises at the end of this stream. On this particular morning venus broke the horizon first so together we waiting for sun. Thanks for stopping by. If your interested in exploring some of my favorite places in New England send me an email. I have been teaching individual workshops for 20 years and I’d be happy to share my knowledge and some of my favorite places to wander. To see more of my work please check out my website
canon 6D, 14mm Rokinon, F8, SS 15sec, iso 4000

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Narrow Window by patrickzephyr

Quabbin Reservoir, MA

The title- “Narrow Window”… This was captured toward the end of the stretch of the month when the Milky Way is visible. On this morning the moon set at about 3am and the predawn light begins at about 3:30am so the window to really see the Milky Way clearly was about ½ hour. I’ve wanted to see where the Milky Way would be at this location and the sky was clear so I thought I’d check it out and scout it for later this month when I had more time to shoot. This was captured during that scout last month. I’m excited to get back to this location later this month when the MW window is longer. The water was like glass for about 15 minutes until a beaver decided to come warn me that I was too close by slapping his tail right in the foreground of my composition!!! I was able to get a few frames before the tail slapping ruined the glass reflection. This is one frame at ISO 10,000, F4, 30 second exposure. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! May the magic light find you.

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