Sexy Tally drops an instant classic from high in te sky!

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Woodland Godess by P-ANilsson

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Sorry that i havent been able to spend much time in here and have loads of catching up to do.

This is a shoot of Michelle Svendsen a up and comming model in Sweden, a shot inspired by the woodland and hunting godess Diana from the greek mythology. Beautiful and Dangerous all in one.

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Don’t look down by harishu

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Rich in history and architecturally splendid, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) occupies an entire block on Sydney’s George Street, and has over 180 of Sydney’s finest fashion boutiques, jewellery shops and homewares, accompanied by delightful cafes and restaurants.

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The green Queen by StefanHefele

“The green Queen” – Höfats – Germany

Beauty is not always easy to achieve. So we are doing many things in life. To reach this viewpoint a long march with thousand of vertical metres was necessary. However, the sweat and the effort evaporates when such a photo is in the box.
The Höfats presents itself like a queen in the blazing early evening light on a warm summer day. Full of devotion the wildflowers seem to bow before their beauty. What a paradise of an idyll.

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Drama Queen by StefanHefele

“Drama Queen” – Allgäuer Alpen – Bayern

There only was this little time window, as the clouds slowly opened and the sun pierced through like as if someone had turned on the high beams.
This is the moment when nature shows its tremendous power.
My point of view was at least as dramatic. Clawed into the slope I could enjoy the show. Moments where you should be at full concentration. Because nature is trying to seduce your mind.


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