Celestial Chess by tpoulton001

When I first started in landscape photography back in 2009, I knew no one in the scene. I had never been to any of the locations in my gallery and I had an insatiable desire to make something in the art world.

As the year draws to an end and the touring and workshops are all finished, I can’t help but feel a little empty inside. I have to admit this year has been a real battle to just do what I do best, and that is travel the world capturing all the amazing scenes. I can handle pretty much anything the planet has to offer; freezing my arse off in the mountains, getting soaking wet in torrential rain, endless hours at the wheel with very little sleep, all of that is easy compared to the hate and jealously in this industry. Next year I’m going to make a concerted effort to help as many people achieve their dreams, travel to places they have always wanted to, capture and spread the love of landscape photography, I’m asking you to do the same, be happy for others success, maybe some of it will rub off on you.

I believe in being strong. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

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Decepticon Landing by everlookphotography

Lake Wakatipu
New Zealand

After feeling bummed out about losing the 6D on the Routeburn track, I headed out for an astro session hoping just to photograph the milky way but then in my test shots an aurora appeared! And then as the shots progressed, some strangely visible streaks looking like satellites falling appeared in the sky – I had no idea what these were but was reassured by a group of photographers from Queenstown and Dale from DK photography that it is indeed part of a vivid auroral display! The world did not end, in fact, it was the opposite that night as we all watched the lights in the distance.

Some info about editing instructional videos down in the links below ;
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Sands of Time by PatrickMarsonOng

Best viewed in black and hit M! 😉

Ok, I know your getting tired of seeing my usual ice, waves and waterfall shots. So here’s something a bit serene taken in one of Iceland’s most……
NAAAAH! This is New Zealand!!! Hahaha! When I was editing this, I keep wondering how come it turned out like Iceland’s summer terrain, or maybe I’m hallucinating? Lol! What do you guys think?

It was an amazing spring morning waaaay back 2012. Waking up in a hotel fronting Lake Wakatipu is by far the best place to stay in Queenstown. You can take a peek from the bed-side window and know if its going to be a boom morning or a bed morning. Lucky me, that day was Boom! I was able to witness something different from the usual. So, out we go still sleepwear, crossed the road towards the lake, watched, waited and captured the sunrise as it burns through the cotton-like clouds hovering over the town.

After ten minutes, Chrisitian shouted “H*ly Sh*t! Lets go to Moke Lake! Now!! F*** Now!!”. I’m sure you guys know what happened next. Lol!

This is Lake Kirkpatrick, the first lake along the rough Moke Lake Road, squeezed in between the hills – Bob’s Peak and Wedge Peak in the heart of Queenstown. This was shooting towards Lake Wakatipu. Really happy to catch the golden light with that awesome reflection. Looks like a horizontal hourglass. Hope you guys like it! Have a great week ahead! Cheers!

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Wanaka tree. by Luke_Sergent

No need to say much about this tree.

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Milky Moke Madness 2.0 by undersoulphotography

A re-edit of my recent Milky Moke Madness panorama I made while filming a tutorial on how I processed the image.. I went for a more realistic white balance setting (it was shot on tungsten I think, I was experimenting haha) and processed things a touch more modestly.. This is an 18 vertical shot, 2 row panorama of the Aurora Australis and Milky Way reflecting in Moke Lake near Queenstown, NZ. Shot with the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and Canon 6D.

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