September Schwabacher by jeffclow

© Jeff R. Clow

The new beaver pond at the southern end of Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park….

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The beauty of light… by massimopistone

The beauty of light…
encircles the fascinating ligurian village of Lerici,in the Gulf of Poets , with its castle lit up for the Christmas Holiday.
Lights and reflections create a pleasent and magical atmosphere.
With this panoshot ,I wish you all a happy Christmas!!!
THXfor watching and support.

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The end of Autumn by GiuseppeTorre

The sky becomes haze-free, the colours more vivid and the river cleaner..
Welcome Winter!

Shot taken by 6d+Samyang 14+ Camdiox nd16 165mm

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Milford Sound Reflection at Dawn by janbreckwoldt

A beautiful sunrise at Milford Sound, Newzealand. Apparently one of the wettest places on earth. Been there twice now and didn’t see any rain. Oh well, it’s definitely a magical location and it was worth getting up in the dark again to walk the 1km to this location before all the tourists arrived.
I have to admit though this picture is an edit in Photoshop and the reflection isn’t real. Hope you like it anyway. | Website | Profile | Instagram

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Autumn Schwabacher by jeffclow

Off the beaten path in Jackson Hole, Wyoming a couple of years ago…..

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Warm Light in the West by jeffclow

I was standing at this spot in the Professor Valley of Utah alone one late afternoon day and the moment seemed frozen in time.

No evidence of man in front of me and just a deeply hidden memory in my brain of all the times I watched westerns as a kid and thought of places like this as “the old west”.

I kept listening for the sounds of a cavalry bugle to echo across the landscape…

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