Tufa Island by Dustin_Wong_Photography

Reflections at Mono Lake
Eastern Sierra, California

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This place is just amazing to see when the sun is casting color all over the sky. The water level was quite low so I hope this winter brings California some much needed snow & rain.

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Radicality by msn_9

This is the quality or state of being fundamental, ie: Radicalism.
In Rainy season this year i got lucky to capture this vivid milkyway arc, with intense air glow or known as green sheen, along with orange distant town light noise.
In fact, the message here is to convey is SAVE TREES. Nothing else in entire galaxy can save us except TREES. They are the fundamental entity of survival and existence of life on planet EARTH.

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Midnight Lights by Dustin_Wong_Photography

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Whaleshead Beach, Oregon Coast — definitely worth a view on black

As first light came, lights from boats appeared on the horizon resembling a sunset.

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Brilliant by letiand

This is a brilliant daylily. I shot it after a heavy rain at noon. It’s brilliant colors attracted my eyeball immediately.

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