Free Falling by Arild_Heitmann

I love doing different and new stuff at locations that i have shot countless times.Skagsanden Beach in Lofoten is such a place. Its definately one of the most interesting spots on the Islands and its always a favourite when i bring clients here.

It is also a place that i have shot more than most photographers in the world. On this occation i wanted to do something new and exciting. And i think i came away with my definite favourite from this place. It was one hell of a shot to pull off under harsh conditions. Gale force winds and a mix of rain and hail. So worth it though!

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Arctic Warmth II by janneka

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I have posted a picture of this beach before (Arctic Warmth) but as I edited a new version (with just 6 min difference) I realized I liked this one better. The clouds and reflections were more interesting and the sun was still up and made for a nicer warm light. Should have chosen this one in the first place. However, this was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen and being in a place like Skagsanden during that time was so much fun!

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The power of light by AlfredoCostanzo

The power of light can transform an ordinary morning into something glorious, and together a wonderful tide wave, whom gave me a beautiful reflection at Skagsanden beach, a famous Norway beach, during a winter in Lofoten Islands.
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Rocky Altar by janneka

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The Skagsanden beach in Lofoten islands. I could have photographed here for ages. Luckily the sunset was nice and lasted for hours so I had enough time to make a few different compositions. This was taken 10 minutes before my last shot from this same beach – Arctic Warmth

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Arctic Warmth by janneka

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This is taken from the magical beach of Skagsanden in the Lofoten islands. Thin layer of water on top of the interesting textures of the sands created some cool reflections of the stunning sunset. I was intrigued by the varying light across this 180 degree panorama. Doesn’t look much like arctic beach, does it?

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