Realm of Illusion by StefanHefele

“Realm of Illusions” – Carpathians – Slovakia

Is it just me or are you also overwhelmed at first sight when entering a forest. Numerous impressions hail down on you simultaneously. To filter this flood of impressions and transform it into a two-dimensional image is not always easy and probably the art per se.

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Forest Fairytale by Rich_Devant

Once upon a time… Its how most fairytales begin. Its also, what ran through my head when i found this place. Shot along the beautiful banks of the Brandywine Creek, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Mystic Realm of Color by DanielHerr

The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color. (Hans Hofmann)

Okaaaaay, another one. I can`t get enough. This one is a little bit closer to the waterfall than my uploads before. This morning light seemed to be a guide into another world. The next time I will walk this path.

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