Maldivian Life by willyam

Kohanaiki Puka by konaloha

Hawaii Island in all its true beauty. Sunset over a reef puka at Kohaniki. This is not a composite image – the fisherman was really there! I like how he lends scale and depth to the image, but the WA lens makes him look further away then he really is. Looks best on black at max size – thanks for looking…

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Butterflyfish by papa74

Red sea, Egypt, Sharm-el-Sheikh

Diagonal-lined butterflyfish

Полосатая рыба-бабочка
Chaetodon fasciatus (Chaetodontidae)

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Ocean Temple by WarrenKeelan

Ocean Temple //
I have spent years chasing this exact scene from my mind. Such a rewarding feeling when it all comes to life.
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Kryptonite by WarrenKeelan

Kryptonite //

Intense sunlight illuminating the body of a monster wave pitching up and out over a reef.
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