Reflections by scottsmorra

Elowah Falls reflected in a small pool below the falls. Elowah is one of my favorite waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon due to the vibrant and lush spring vegetation which surrounds the waterfall. It’s an amazing place to spend a cool spring morning.

This image was inspired by Marc Adamus who was the first photographer that I know of to capture this reflection. Thanks Marc!

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Liquid Light by alexnoriega

Reflections of golden canyon walls and blue sky in the rushing water of Utah’s Fremont River at sunset.

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The Palace of Fine Arts by patch

This turned out to be a particularly good place to stop off on the way back from a night time bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. I was lucky enough to do so on a clear night, the only one during my time in San Fran.

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Microsoft by patch

Things are looking up at the Microsoft offices in San Francisco. I only just got this shot just before a security guard came out and told me to go forth and multiply.

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