Dawn in Paradise by peterstewartphotography

Sunrise from the east coast of the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

The boat here is a design fairly unique to Indonesia. Known as a “jukung”, they are generally used for fishing and for ferrying tourists to various diving spots.

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Morning soak with a view by ParchenPhotography

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Doing long road trips can be a bit tough on the body; long drives (this last trip was ~4,700 miles), little sleep, and lots of hiking. So mixing a little relaxing time into the shooting schedule is always a welcome change of pace, especially if you can combine the two. Next time I’ll just remember to leave my clothes and towel away from the steam as everything I brought quickly turned into a block of ice since it was 16 degrees outside. That was a cold walk back to the car. I’ve tried this shot about four times now in various conditions in the past year and definitely like the “cold” version the best. Especially since there wasn’t another soul around and I had the place to myself. Shot with Sony A7r and Zeiss 2/35 ZE. Enjoy!!

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Hanging Out by DianiRalph

Another of the iconic Tsavo Red Elephants. I unfortunately was not able to zoom out any further to get more of the background in, but the nonchalant trunk hang is one of my favourites.

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Sweet Dreams – Red Fox taking a nap by RoeselienRaimond

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Sleeping Red Fox, probably dreaming about tasty rabbits 😉

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