Wonderful colors of nature. by FacechooYong

Red earth of Dongchuan,another popular place for travellers & photographers.
Picture of light rays shone through valleys of mountains during sunrise;
highlighting waves of multi colored brownish red terraces with emerald green barley,
golden yellow bulk wheat against white clouds and blue sky.Creating landscapes’s picture
of wonderful atmosphere and vibrant color contrast in the morning.
Unusual brownish red terraces due to rich deposit of iron and copper in its soil. What I shown you is
very similar to what I saw.
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Roman Pool Reflects……. by jvphoto

Hello My Dear friends,

How are you doing? Feeling great to post here again 🙂 This is “Roman Pool”, part of Hearst Castle, California. I really love the art work on this and fine details. It is very nice place to visit. This place is a true example of a man who lived his luxury life.

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Red by frostedproductions