Vienna’s Curves (Winter Edition) by AlexGaflig

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As promised last time, i did this one again, a bit different and with a very cool sky @sunset. After visiting Vienna for the 5th time this year, i had luck for some moments, thougt i would never have a sky like this^^ It’s a single exposure by the way.

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One step to eternity by FelixRoeser

Lately I went through my archives and found this shot from an epic morning on the southcoast of Iceland I haven´t published before.
When we arrived in the evening at the foggy and dark coast of Vik after a 400km escape from a bad weatherfront in the east, we would never have thought that the next morning would bring such a gorgeous Sunrise.
The spray of the sea and the golden sunlight breaking through the clouds let the beach appear like an otherwordly place where the mystical Icelandic mythology comes to life again.

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The long windy road by KimLeuenberger

I had a lot of amazing adventures this summer, and this was about a month and a half ago when I went to discover the Graubuenden in my homeland of Switzerland. We woke up at 3am that morning to walk up a 3000m high peak in the fog and the snow. I seriously thought I was going to die of frostbites up there, acting as much as a drama queen as I’ve ever been able to!
This was taken whilst coming down, so you can imagine the overall feeling of joy I was feeling that it was all over haha!

Missed you 500px pals!

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