The Moody Coast by kuekat_Dave

Earlier this summer I hosted 2 of 500px finest fellow Maine shooters Lauren and Robert
We were hoping for a sunset and we got fog a lot of fog. it was the only night of the whole summer where we got fog. No glorious sunset this time just a whole lot of the moody coast!

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Sunset to Storm by kuekat_Dave

Sunset to storm,as promised an earlier shot of my dedication TO Jeff which won an EC. Lets remember Jeffs cause! This was a very dramatic fast moving storm that threw lightning and hail. Quite the experience to photograph.

This is one to hit the H than M key for a better view

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Fluid Dynamics! by kuekat_Dave

Hi, Went and had some fun again with the fisheye. This is a de-fished dragged shutter sunset shot. It was quite a bit after the sun had dropped.

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La Bamba by kuekat_Dave

Went out to catch sunset the other night, the clouds kept the colors away . Put on my thinking cap threw on a fisheye and dragged the shutter. This is the result a super wide blue sunset. This is defished at 12mm

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Iphone Challenge by kuekat_Dave

The Iconic Popham Beach Lifesaving Station bathed in early morning light.

Continuing my personal Ihpne Challenge shot and edited on an Iphone watermark and Iptc added in PS CC.

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Alpenglow UFO by kuekat_Dave

A sunset from the beach, dedicated to Renee

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Waiting by kuekat_Dave

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