Headlights on the Roll by aagazzi

Two cars driving over a pass in Switzerland during winter, where snow has like at many other places in the alps not fallen in high quantities yet. I tried to achieve some light trails of cars and liked this one best with white headlights only. The goal was capturing a scene where no interruption is shown in the trails, thus exposure time should be as long as the cars needed from one end of the frame to the other. Hope you like it ­čÖé

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Tuscany, portrait by ronnybas

Tuscany, Italy. Portrait vertical view of a beautiful and lonely farmhouse surrounded by the green and golden hills of Val d’Orcia

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Green Dream by JohanEickmeyer

Notice of alteration. The little road behind the tree has been removed in one section. I felt it always detracted from the artful composition of an otherwise great scene. It’s not something I would usually do, but if done, I will disclose the changes.

Let me know what you think! I am still not quite sure if this image has been framed the best way or not, so I would appreciate feedback if possible.

Thanks for looking!

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Tuscan Impressions XI by larsvandegoor

dramatic clouds over Tuscan hills.
Location: Val d’Orcia Italy
The landscape of Val drcia is part of the agricultural hinterland of Siena, redrawn and developed when it was integrated in the territory of the city-state in the 14th and 15th centuries to reflect an idealized model of good governance and to create an aesthetically pleasing picture. The landscape distinctive aesthetics, flat chalk plains out of which rise almost conical hills with fortified settlements on top, inspired many artists. Their images have come to exemplify the beauty of well-managed Renaissance agricultural landscapes. The inscription covers: an agrarian and pastoral landscape reflecting innovative land-management systems; towns and villages; farmhouses; and the Roman Via Francigena and its associated abbeys, inns, shrines, bridges, etc.

Press H to dim the lights

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The Quiet Yell by n3omccoy

** Better in Black **

My first time shooting Mount Tamalpais. It’s just north of San Francisco, It’s such an amazing place to get our of the SF gloomy/foggy weather and see the sun for once.

The fog was going up and down and then socked us in at one point, so had to run up the hills to get away from it! #Escaype

Thanks for viewing!

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Lost In Thought by Bob_Bowman

Mount Tamalpais is a pretty special place for sure. It was mind blowing to see conditions rapidly change before my eyes. You would turn your head and turn back and the scene and light had completely changed. It was also nice to arrive a couple hours before sunset to really soak in the beauty of this place instead of rushing to get the shot. I was able to take moments and get lost in thought and feel gratitude for the beautiful part of the country that I live in.

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