Rauma Guardians by eyeofalens

Rauma Guardians

I shared a file from this location last year, but was not entirely sold on it & I’m probably not on this either to a full extent, but thats part of the continual learning curb & improvements.

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Trollstigen Bends by eyeofalens

Trollstigen Bends

Ive shared images from here with pretty much all of the mountains in it & road, but this one is more compact & taken with different camera & lens , hence …more compact ….figured id just share it & get it over & done with, since its been sitting dormant for some time. Oh & those two cars? are about the only traffic I saw go up & down here for well over an hour .

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Refined Hiker by eyeofalens

Refined Hiker.

Why drink water after a hard slog up when you can have a beer at beer o’clock !
Bring ‘one’ with you if you drink beer? & after reaching views like this it tastes even better 🙂

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The Flyby by eyeofalens

Don’t believe I’ve shared this one before.
One from last September after camping out on top of the Romsdaleggen .
Actually this was late in the afternoon previous day & this guy ran right by me & jumped off before I even heard him.
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Man vs Trollstigen by eyeofalens

Man Vs Trollstigen

Man, the roads & engineering feat vs the mountainous range of Trollstigen.
Its always nice to have files in reserve to work on when in a photographic rut but in need of a jet plane & far off destinations. Or an epic road trip.

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