After the haze by myst1cal

Took this one on my recent trip to the bernese highlands. the weather was pretty much the whole weekend like crap. so we had about 5 minutes time to do something… and that’s what i got..
hope you guys like it…

and please view this one on a really dark background 🙂

**About this ugly purple spot on the right side.. it’s from the SRGB conversion… something went wrong. after i did it again it disappeared.. but i can’t upload the shot again.. so we have do deal with that :)….**

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The Relic by myst1cal

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

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Ich werde bald einen Workshop in diese wunderschöne Gegend anbieten. Der Workshop wird lediglich für max. 4 Personen verfügbar sein. Falls du sofort nach nach Aufschaltung des Workshops darüber informiert werden möchtest, trage dich doch auf meine Mailingliste unter ein.

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The reason why by myst1cal

Moments like these are the reason why i love what i do! for me it’s one of my most fav compositions i’ve ever done in my life. i posted this work a few month ago and now i’ve done some little tweaks on it.. i really hope you guys like it as much i do!

Sunset in Northern Norway…

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Our Monument by myst1cal

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

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Devils tongue by myst1cal

The Alpstein Valley in Swiss Appenzell.
please watch that on a dark Background 🙂 otherwise you don’t see anything 🙂
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The Shelter by myst1cal

One of the craziest sunsets i’ve seen so far 🙂

Haute Savoie, French Alps

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