The Vacuum by MikeOlbinski

This incredibly photogenic storm near Booker, Texas back on June 3rd, 2013, was like a dust-eating machine. Everything around it seemed to get sucked into the updraft of this stunning supercell. The colors at sunset added to the apocalyptic look of this storm.

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Springfield Colorado Supercell V2 by kellydelay

Redo of one of my favorite storm chasing images from Springfield, Colorado using luminosity masks within Photoshop CC to bring out detail from the RAW image. I think it represents the scene more realistically. Originally processed as a HDR image using 5 different exposures. I like the new version much better.

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NYC Rotary Club by eetschman

a night out with a friend ended in this photo .. no i did not tip over because i was drunk .. this was with a camera rotation tool and aaaall intendet .. there were not to many boats which could have make the picture mor einteresting but hey .. we have a bridge and some skyline ! Hey its New York!

thank you Emil .. great day out with the Camera!!!!!!!

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Shanghai Pearl Rotary by eetschman

well my second try rotating the camera during a single exposure .. i made another 23 tests this is one of the cool once and now i really figured out how it goes .. this is quiet a lot of fun .. waiting for the boats to come and hope for the right colors in the skyline .. and hope it does not burn the sensor to much

iam quiet happy with the result .. i know this is not every once taste so i hope you are open for some new kind of photography

hope you like it as much as i do 8)
tell me what you think pls.

i also uploaded a cleaned-up version .. i took out the dirt in the top left .. but it should show as well that there is no photoshop giving that effect! .. but i guess i should have uploaded the clean version .. … whant ever .. hehehe

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#shelfie (Sioux Falls) by AaronGroen

“#shelfie” On Sunday August 9th at 7:48PM this shelf cloud approached my position just down the gravel road south of Issac Walton, north from where Hwy 11 turns gravel. This is only a few miles from where I live so , here is proof you do not always have to go drive all day to get that amazing pic. This was also the last cruise I was ever going to take with my long time best friend and companion, my dog Gus passed away Monday and I will love and miss him forever. Thank you all for looking. video –
Prints –>
8 shot pano, hand held, stitched and raw processed in PS CS6

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Bolted by BradHannon

As sunset colour illuminated this tornadic supercell, lightning bolts started fires and smoke was drawn back into the storm updraft. Near Guymon, Oklahoma on May 31st 2007.

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Straight but twisted by BradHannon

One of our earliest views of the storm as we approached from the north. This supercell near Julesburg, Colorado on May 28th 2013 was simply jaw-dropping.

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