Hidden Jewel by MaxFoster

“Hidden Jewel” – Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Here is a shot from the Mossy Grotto in the Columbia River Gorge. Chris was behind me getting his killer shot Weeping Grotto, if you haven’t seen it check it out. Definitely one of the coolest shots from this location.

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Wild Forest by Pcoskun

While I have autumn colors on my mind, I also have the lush greens of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge on my mind as well. This was one of the few non waterfall images I took while wandering around the gorge earlier this year. I loved how lush and vibrant this scene looked. The greens were as beautiful as I could have imagined and the mossy trees gave it a more wild feel. I didn’t have to hike a dozen miles off trail to find this spot, in fact, it was just a few steps off a short and scenic trail to a few gorgeous waterfalls.

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