Rainy days by Wieselblitz

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Forget the error :( by sarpgultemiz

Photoshop color and dodge burn study
Announcement! ! !
Some people complain, they did
my bad aim. absolutely none
Photoshop as a hobby, photography color to make it work
Photo not mine.
Only photoshop effect, did study
Photography : YuriyZhuravov

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The Unhappy Days by Felicity_Berkleef95

I had a good day, so I’m not sure why I’m uploading these!
Sometimes I edit photos in both b&w and color and later decide which one I’m gonna upload.
With this photo I didn’t know.
The b&w tells more of a story, but I just love the moody colors on the color version.

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Autumn Sadness by LivingLoud

Модель – Ирина Попова
Model – Irina Popova 
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