**Granite Bay Beauty** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey all!

Back in June this year I went up to the Noosa National Park to shoot the sunset and I managed to get this long exposure image of the sky lighting up on fire about 30 mins after sunset.

I was up at Granite Bay and I was getting ready to pack up and leave because I thought the sunset was a fizzer when I saw a faint red glow start to appear on the horizon, So I took a few shots and noticed it getting more and more intense.

Quickly found this composition and shot some long exposure images of the fiery red sky and got this one. I just found this on my computer so re-edited it and this is the final image.

I hope you like it, Thanks for looking!

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Dubai by mostafa_ajjawi

– Dubai – United Arab Emirates

– Digital blending of 5 exposures in Photoshop and the final result was retouched in Lightroom

– Camera: Nikon D7100

– Lens: Samyang 8mm

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Castillo de Oreja al atardecer by lorddavid

Atardecer en el Castillo de Oreja, es la primera vez que uso mascaras de luminosidad, he quedado contento con el resultado, aunque queda mucho que mejorar.

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The stars before dawn by barinogiuseppe1

Venus and the moon and an enchanted valley, we are in Umbria to castelluccio a plain 1450mt, Venus in the popular belief is also called “the morning star” because it is the most luminous star before dawn

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Berlin blues by NiyantaShetye

I always wanted to take a photo of the Berlin TV tower from a nice location which had not been explored before ! i was very lucky that it was pretty cloudy that day, it was raining too and the light was awesome ! would love to explore more places in Berlin in the future !! 🙂 thanks for watching

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