~ Sunset destination 3 ~ by DavidGomes1

Senhor da Pedra is a sanctuary and Sunset destination located in the beautiful beach, Miramar-Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal!
As you can see in this shot we have a green cross! I suppose that’s ok – no big waves!

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~Sunset destination 2 ~ by DavidGomes1

Sanctuary “Senhor da Pedra” located in the beautiful beach, Miramar, Vila nova de Gaia, Portugal is a sunset destination for every body!
Daily to many people coming to contemplate sunset moment.

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~ Sunset destination ~ by DavidGomes1

In the end of day, finaly I reached the famous sanctuary – ” Senhor da Pedra”!
What I see around was that every body is going to sanctuary and sunset destination!
But the most interesting moment was when I ran behind the sea gulls to provoke them flying and come back to my camera to click this beautiful picture!

Sanctuary “Senhor da Pedra” located in the beautiful beach, Miramar, Vila nova de Gaia, Portugal!

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Ahoy…. by SanhitaBanerjee

Please click on the image to view in black…
This would probably be my last Kangaroo/Roo image upload for now..as I do not want to bore my friends here with the same subject :))
Wish you all a great weekend 🙂

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Sanctuary of Fuensanta (Albacete, Spain). by FranciscoGarciaRios

MĂșsica (abrir en nueva pestaña) / Music (Open link in new tab): Clannad – A Gentle Place.

Head of the Church of “Nuestra Señora de los Remedios” Sanctuary of Fuensanta (Albacete), built between the 16th and 18th centuries, over an earlier chapel. It was made of masonry with ashlars corners in the shape of a chain as reinforcement, oriented towards the East, as was customary in religious architecture. The wall attached to the facade is part of the cloister of the sanctuary.
“Cabecera del Santuario de Fuensanta (Albacete)”
Cabecera de la iglesia del Santuario de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios de Fuensanta (Albacete), construído entre los siglos XVI y XVIII sobre la anterior ermita, a base de mampostería con refuerzo de sillares en las esquinas, y orientada, como es habitual en la arquitectura religiosa, hacia el Este. El muro adosado forma parte del claustro del santuario.

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